Capture feedback at
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Powerful software to capture reviews through tablets, iPads and smartphones.

Cloud dashboard with graphical reports, data analytics and alerts to track customer sentiments.

What is Elegant Surveys?

Elegant Surveys lets you capture responses to surveys from your customers or visitors from a tablet, iPad or smartphone. Surveys are created online and appears automatically on all connected devices. The collected data is synced and you get graphical reports and insights in real-time.

Who uses Elegant Surveys?

Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, hospitals and other businesses around the globe are powered by Elegant Surveys. It's used to collect feedback, reviews and contact details from their patrons. It can be set up as a kiosk or handed over to the customer.

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Getting started is simple

Register for an account, connect a tablet/iPad and create a survey.
Let customers fill the surveys and you'll see reports and analytics instantly.

1. Setup your Account

After you register, you'll be able to connect a tablet/iPad device and choose a survey that works for you.

Customize the look and feel by adding your logo and branding on the device.

Create Surveys

2. Collect Responses

Hand over the tablet/iPad to your customers or set it up on a kiosk. The application automatically syncs data to your account when internet is connected.

Get Reports and Insights

3. Get Reports & Insights

Login to your dashboard to see graphical reports generated from the data collected. See aggregated customer comments and respond to unhappy customers.

Get Reports and Insights

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What our clients are saying

Elegant Surveys replaced our pen-and-paper feedback system and made it easier to track, analyze and respond to reviews. This has greatly improved the experience for our customers.
Hadoota Masreya
Restaurant - UAE
Customer feedback reporting was taking lot of our time. With Elegant Surveys we now get better reports, that too instantly.

Switch Bowling
Bowling, Party and Dine - UAE

Why track customer feedback?

Making sure customer voices are heard is important for every business. Concerns should reach the right person at the right time.

Deliver feedback to the right hands in real-time

Use our advanced filtering technology to automatically route and notify the relevant person in real time. Take immediate actions and delight your customers.

Know your numbers well

Evaluate your NPS score, satisfaction numbers and more to keep track of how well you are doing every day. Our powerful analytics engine lets you disover patterns easily.

Know who is lagging behind

Compare customer satisfaction in multiple dimensions and multiple locations to identify what needs to be improved where. Generate periodic reports to set targets and benchmarks.

Run experiments and learn faster

Run your business experiments and evaluate the impact directly from the customer responses. Ask the right questions at right time.

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