Are you still using paper feedback forms?

Most businesses try collecting feedback from their customers, the most popular solution being a paper feedback form with a printed survey.

Even though a few customers respond to these surveys, it doesn't turn up being very useful to the business. Converting these surveys into a score and analyzing them is difficult and time consuming. In the end, most of these forms end up in trash.

Elegant Surveys customer feedback application

Digital Customer Feedback with Elegant Surveys application

A customer with a negative experience is almost always a lost customer who never visits your business again. The right time to address their concerns is before they even leave your premises.

Some of your customers will not share their concerns about the staff who attended them in a paper form handed over to them by the same person. Even if they voice their complaints in the comments, it might not reach the right person who may address it.

In the end, the management who's expecting to understand their customers better fails to do so, and they end up having no visibility about the customer experience on a daily basis.

For a manager concerned about customer experience at their business, what would be a better solution?

  • Send an email to customers asking for feedback (if you have their email addresses). These are observed to have very low response rates.
  • Collect feedback at business premises on a smartphone/tablet. This should be instantly visible to the management.

With Elegant Surveys, you do exactly this. You can setup and configure surveys from an online admin panel, connect survey devices to your account and start collecting responses.

Customer responses are instantly synced and are analyzed immediately. Instant notifications can be setup to respond faster to negative experiences for your customers.

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