Right way to collect feedback

Having the right data helps businesses justify decisions and to affirm that you are on track in achieving your goals. Businesses that understand this fare better than their competitors.

The most effective way to get data is from customers who are visiting your store. This would give you the most accurate representation of reality than from any other medium (online surveys, public forums).

There are two aspects that you need to get right to be very effective at this.

1. Know what you need

This is important because the best surveys contain only a few questions. Since the number of questions that you can ask is limited, you really need to be choose what's going to give your business the right insights.

A good way to get this done is to ask yourself what value are you generating by including a particular question in the survey. If you can't give a proper answer to that leave it out. Never think that the customer is going to fill this so you might as well ask couple more questions.

Not giving proper thought to this can lead to a survey without a proper goal and the end result would also be ineffective.

2. Designing the survey

A properly designed survey would increase the number of responses and would be useful for better analytics. People wouldn't want to spend lots of time filling surveys, so keep it short and simple. Even if you want to ask a bit more in-depth questions, leave it at the last so that people are not scared away from the beginning.

You should also pay attention to remove any sort of bias from the questions. Properly formed questions do not lean people towards any particular answer. There should be minimal ambiguity in structuring the sentences.

Another helpful tip is to understand your customer and ask questions accordingly. If it is a returning customer chances are that he his very happy with your business so you could ask him what he likes the most about it. For first time customers, asking them how they found you out will give you proper insights on which growth channels you should focus on.

Collecting responses

Instead of using a paper form, you should try out a good digital feedback solution. It helps you collect as well as analyze data faster and at one place.

Elegant Surveys lets you do even more - if your business has multiple locations, view everything at one place and compare performance across them. With branching logic for surveys, make sure you ask the right question to every customer. Get notified instantly when a customer leaves a bad review.

Start creating your questionnaires and our analytics engine would give you deep insights on how good you are performing at your key performance indicators. Try Elegant Surveys today or learn more from our website.