Tracking and improving your Net Promoter Score®

Net Promoter Score®, commonly called NPS is now the de-facto standard to analyze customer satisfaction for businesses in any category. It's a simple metric and can be translated across branches, departments and categories with ease.

Net Promoter Score NP

NPS gives you a single metric which you can track every day, monthly and annually to see how your business is performing with respect to customer experience. (Learn more about how it's calculated)

To improve your NPS numbers, it's important to understand the feelings of the customer who's rating you. The most practical method is to ask additional questions in a feedback survey depending on your business category, and include an optional comments field where any concerns can be shared.

It's even more important to act immediately on the concerns raised by a customer. It's a golden chance to convert a detractor or a passive user to a promoter by charming them with the way you handled their complaint.

Here're some guidelines on improving your customer satisfaction metrics, step by step.

1. Ask for the rating at the right time

To get a score that reflects actual customer opinion, it's important that she's asked to rate her experience at the right time.

For example, if you dine at a restaurant today and you get an email tomorrow asking about the experience, it's not worth responding to.

Or when you're checking out of a hotel, the best time to ask for your feedback is right then. Not by email at a later time.

2. Reward your loyal customers

Humans respond to rewards. That's how we are wired. To achieve the best results, give your promoters a special offer on a product that they are sure to love.

You can do this by connecting analytics from feedback and their purchase history to see what they'd like the most.

3. Make it easy and worth it to recommend you to friends

The most valuable recommendations are the ones given by friends. You trust them and are sure to heed their advice. There's even a strong psychological effect where you tend to like the things that your friends recommend.

Many businesses miss out on this opportunity. Make it easy for your promoters to recommend you to their friends. It could be a special referral coupon, a great offer or even a valuable article.

4. Listen to and engage with your detractors

Being defensive when criticised is not something a business can afford to be. While listening to promoters is important, understanding and engaging with your detractors is essential and makes a bigger difference.

Find out what's wrong, and try to rectify their concerns immediately. A good feedback workflow is essential to make this happen - the right manager should be alerted immediately when there's a dissatisfied customer.

If you manage to delight someone after they were unhappy with you, they'll be your biggest promoter going forward.

5. Make sure your whole team is dedicated to better customer experience

The goal of reaching the apex of customer satisfaction is something that is shared by every member of your organisation.

Every employee should be aware of how their department is performing everyday. It should be added as a performance metric where possible, and actions that improve it should be rewarded.

6. Track your progress and maintain targets

Becoming a company with better customer satisfaction scores is an important business goal. Treat it as such and make sure to include target satisfaction scores in your quarterly, annual and long-term plans.

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