Best-in-class application to collect offline feedback

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Making feedback collection a pleasure

Elegant Surveys is designed to make it easier for you to collect and analyze feedback.

Stunning Design

Impress your customers with a beautiful and easy to use application

Multiple Languages

Set up surveys and accept responses in multiple languages


Let your customers tell you how they loved the experience or how you can improve it

Easy Setup

Setting up devices and surveys is as easy as it can get

Centralized Management

Manage all your devices and surveys from a single admin panel

Works Offline

The feedback collection app works even when there is no active internet connection

Designed For Usability

Our UX experts have worked hard on building a product that is powerful and easy to use.

Custom Branding

Customize the application to show your brand and match your corporate theme.

Multiple question types

Build your survey the way it should be. With a wide range of question types, we have you covered for all your needs.

Detailed Reporting

Analyze customer responses quickly with our instant reporting tools. You can also view individual responses and comments.

Instant Notifications

Set up instant email notifications when a customer response matches predefined criterions.

Supports Android & iOS

Our application works seamlessly on Android and iOS tablets and supports unlimited number of devices.

Craftsmanship at its best. Built to please.

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