How-To: Setup Elegant Surveys

Setting up Elegant Surveys to work for your business is a breeze - download the app, register for a free account, select your survey and start collecting responses!

Elegant Surveys works best on tablets/iPads - it's easier for your customers to interact with the feedback survey on bigger screens.

If you haven't downloaded the application on the device yet, get it from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Register here for a free account. We'll start you with a free 14-day trial of the Standard plan (Pricing Plans)

Our registration process will guide you through connecting your device and selecting a default survey. After the setup is complete, open the application on your device to try out the survey. (If you haven't skipped the steps)

To customize the application for your business, here's a quick guide:

  • Go to Branding and click Add Branding. You'll be able to upload your logo and background image that customers will see.

    You may change the color theme and the thank you page if required.

  • Go to Surveys. If you'd like to create your own survey, click Add Survey and create a survey that works for you.

    Please contact support if you need multiple languages questions in the same survey

  • Go to Devices. If you haven't connected your device yet, click Add Device and follow the steps.

    When the device is displayed, click Change and select the right survey and branding you'd like to appear on this device. You may add more devices as and when you need.

You can immediately start collecting responses which will appear in the Responses tab. It has three views, a conversational view (Responses), tabular view (Table) and a graphical view (Summary). You may also download the responses as a spreadsheet by clicking the Download button.

Once you've collected data over a couple of days, the Satisfaction page will display average daily customer satisfaction scores.

You may also setup notifications and alert emails from the Notifications page by choosing the right conditions.

If you need additional features like API access or need any help, please contact support at