Creating conditional questions in your surveys

Use conditional logic in surveys to show questions based on answers to previous ones

It's exciting when a survey seems to understand what you're telling it, and asks you questions that depends on your previous answers.

Elegant Surveys lets you create surveys with conditional questions (also called skip logic, question branching or logic questions). Continue reading to learn how to structure your questions correctly.

Note: Conditional questions are not enabled by default. Please contact us to enable it for your account.

Android Users: For conditional questions to work on Android devices, you'll have to download a special version of the application from

It's important that you follow these steps correctly to make a survey with conditional questions. Please follow this example.

Decide the questions

First, decide what to ask and the conditions that you'd like to apply.

Q1. How did you hear about us?

Q2. Did you find all the products you were looking for?

Only to those who selected "No" to Q2:
Q3. We're sorry! What were you unable to find?

Q4. How likely are you to recommend us to friends and family?

Only to those who chose 8 - 10 for Q4
Q5. Awesome! What did you like best? Share any comments/suggestions too.

Only to those who chose 4 - 7 for Q4
Q6. Is there anything we can do to make your experience better?

Only to those who chose 1 - 3 for Q4
Q7. Our apologies! Please share your concerns so that we can rectify them.

Q8. Your personal information

Create a new survey with all these questions

Next, create a New Survey with all the questions, irrespective of the conditions that you'd like to apply.

After you've created the questions, you can apply Display Conditions for each question (except the first one)

In our example, we need to show Q3 only if the answer to Q2 is No. To apply this, select "only when" in the dropdown. Under New Condition, choose Q2, make sure Answer is "No" and click Add.

Follow similar steps to apply the conditions for Q5, Q6 and Q7. The applied conditions for Q6 is shown below as an example:

Save when you're done

When you've applied all the conditions required, click Save & Close. Link a device to this survey and you should be able to see it working as per the applied conditions.

Additional Help

Although a little complex, conditional questions make your surveys much more useful. If you need help setting up your questions, please contact support